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OER and Accessibility:

MERLOT is leading an initiative to build an online community and collection of open education resources that can improve universal learning by facilitating the contribution and sharing of accessible technology information, expertise, and accessible online teaching and learning materials. Equality effective educational services for people with disabilities is essential and the OER communities need to make continuous and substantial progress on improving the accessibility of OER

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quality criteria

This e-learning resource is excellent based upon the following MERLOT criteria:

  1. MERLOT Classic: The item and the autor of the item received an Award during the MERLOT Conference.
  2. The item was peer reviewed Editorial Board Members and given 5/5 stars.
  3. Uers comments about the quality of the item are excellent averaging 5/5 stars.
  4. 57 members bookmarrked the resource in their personal collections.
  5. Assignment are available to use along with the resource.

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