The listing below gives the current partnership projects between MAN partners. Partners involve African, US educational institutions, global eLearning providers and international organizations affiliated with MAN. Projects involve particulartly joint education, research and development programs among networked partners, as well as feasibility/testing for technology transfer to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Projects and Outlines

REL-AF (Ressources Educatives Libres - Afrique Francophone) , tranlated in english to " Promoting Open Education Resources in French Speaking Africa" is a joint project between institutional partners in the area of ICT for Development (ICT4D) to promote the development of quality OER adapted to an African context and their deployment to support education in west africa. The first phase of the project is funded by UNESCO/Dakar as a form of a Pilot workshop held in May 3-5, in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa (See program flier below) - The partnership will elaborate a planning document during the dakar meeting and will discuss the possibilities of writing a major proposal to secure funding. Currently a partnership project is beeing developed to be submitted to the IDRC (International Development Research Center).
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Qedoc Africa Project,

Qedoc Africa Project, which is currently a proposal is a collaborative effort between Qedoc and MAN to adopt the Qedoc wiki-based OER development tools and content repository in developing country educational contexts. It covers a potential move to support the One Laptop Per Child project.
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Qedoc organization
MERLOT Africa Network (MAN)

Markbook Africa Project

Markbook Africa Project -To improve the efficacy of teaching and learning by expanding the use of MarkBook and LogiNotes classroom management systems into African schools and educational programmes. This project plans, as a first step, to Pilot a Study focussing of the Integration the LogiNotes software in teacher training and educational programmes in Senegal. This is a partnership between Asylum Software, the MERLOT Africa Network and the "Faculté des Sciences et Technologies de l'Education et  de la Formation - FASTEF" - University of Cheikh Anta Diop - Dakar Senegal
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Asylum Markbook
MERLOT Africa network (MAN)

MAN/AVU/SUBR/CSULB Proposa - Networked Partnership in Support of Teacher education in Sub-Saharan Africa

Networked Partnership in Support of Teacher education in Sub-Saharan Africa is a collaboration between The MERLOT Africa Network organization, The Africa Virtual University (AVU) organization including the US Higher Education institutions, Southern University System (SUS - Louisiana, USA) and the California State University, Long Beach (CSULB, California, USA). The collaborative proposes to provide scalable OER Professional Development and to develop a prototype of a portal for teacher preparation in Subsaharan Africa.
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Africa Virtual university (AVU)
Souther University System (SUS)
California State University (CSULB)
MERLOT Africa network (MAN)

Global Textbook - MAN Proposal

Global Textbook - MAN Proposal to mutually support each other’s efforts to promote open access to textbooks and educational resources in developing countries. this efforst will particularly target French speaking contries of West Africa.

Global textbook Project - GTP
MERLOT Africa network (MAN)

The SUBR Virtual Learning Environment:

The SUBR Virtual Learning Environment: Integrating Open Repositories, Open Software and web 2.0 Technologies. This project is currently integrationg the MERLOT Teaching Commons as part of the VLE. lesson learned through this project will be disseminated thfough the MAN.
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Southern University - Baton Rouge, LA
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